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Welcome to the unique and the exclusive among the best resources on Kindergarten to lower, middle and the upper classes of school education in India, across the many stages of development of your children.

This database of schools across the states and Union Territories in India, gives you both a comprehensive and a focused view of the openings in places nearby to your home, and the village or the panchayat, town, city or any further to a district, city, capital, metro or the state, afar. Effort is made to represent all the rural and the urban areas in the Indian Sub continent. Effort is also made to represent schools for toddlers and preschoolers, as is to the adolescents. Added to this, is also a scope to register your institution, in case of its non availability.

Never before has such an opportunity been to the parents, teachers, students and the many other administrators, to connect and learn more about the many options that is available in the country. India has a variety of National, International and also state level boards of education, offering nursery, primary, upper primary / middle, secondary, and senior secondary / junior college levels of education.

You can as well aim to promote your school by your likes and sharing, so to increase the visibility of the pride of your alma mater, to the many.

You may say more about your school and also post like messages to your school to view. This may help your school very much.

The schools may take a leaf or more from the viewer comments and also build on the profile and standing of the institution.

There can be a post, search and register for job offers and can also be some third party proposals to the schools.

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